Alexandre Charles Fessy

  • Born: 18th Октябрь 1804
  • Died: 30th Ноябрь 1856
  • Birthplace: Paris, France

Charles-Alexandre (Alexandre-Charles) Fessy was a French organist and composer. He entered the Paris Conservatory in 1813 studying harmony and piano. He later joined the organ class of Benoist and won first prize in organ in 1826. He was organist of the small organ in l'Assomption before becoming the first organist of la Madeleine in 1846. The following year he exchanged position with Lefébure-Wély the organist of Saint-Roch. Fessy stayed at Saint-Roch until his death in 1856. Apart from being an organist he also served as the conductor of the 5th Legion of the National Guard in Paris.