George Carter

  • Born: 26th January 1835
  • Died: c. 1900
  • Birthplace: England?

George Carter was an organist and composer of Operas, Cantatas, Songs, Organ works and miscellaneous pieces. He was a pupil of Sir John Goss of London, England. George gave recitals in England, Continental Europe and the USA. Sometime around 1861 he emigrated to Canada and became the Organist at Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal for nearly ten years. In the 1862-63 season, he organized a series of "Concerts Classiques" of chamber music in Montreal. In 1870, He returned to England where he was the Organist at Royal Albert Hall for several years. His compositions include operas, cantatas, organ works, songs and miscellaneous pieces. He was best known for his compilation of "A Selection of Anthems as Sung in The Cathedrals of Montreal, Toronto and Quebec." (John Lovell 1865). Searches are always ongoing for any of his compositions.