Rusalka, Op. 114 - 'Song to the Moon'

Rusalka, Op. 114, is an opera by Dvorak, with Czech libretto by Jaroslav Kvapil, based on the fairy tales of Karel Jaromír operas, and representing a cornerstone of Czech opera houses' repertoire. It was first performed in 1901. A Rusalka is a water sprite from Slavic mythology, usually inhabiting a lake or river. The work has been described as a ''vivid, profoundly disturbing drama'' and, while not a central part of his most performed works, it has been revived by major opera companies in recent years. Rusalka is scored for 2 flutes ... more

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RecordingRusalka, Op. 114 - 'Song to the Moon'


Rusalka, Op. 114 - 'Song to the Moon'


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