Crown of Praise

12 pieces:My God, Permit me not (Solo, duett & quartett) Father, what-e’er of earthly bliss (soprano & alto solos, quartette) Guide me oh! thou great Jehovah (baritone & soprano, solos & quartette) Gloria Patri in D (soprano solo & quartette) Gloria in Excelsis (in B♭ major) Jubilate (in C major) (two duos & quartette) Benedictus (in E♭ major) (solo, soprano or tenor, and quartette) Not ashamed of Christ (contralto solo) Cantate Domino (soprano and tenor solos, and quartette) Pitying Saviour, look with blessing (soprano and tenor solos, quartette) Bonum est (in D major) (soprano solo, quartette ... more

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