Louis François Philippe Drouet

Louis François Philippe Drouet

  • Born: 14th 4月 1792
  • Died: 30th 9月 1873
  • Birthplace: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Louis François Philippe Drouet the famous flute virtuoso, was born in Amsterdam in 1792. his father, a refugee, left France, of which country he was native, because of the turmoil occasioned by the Revolution. As a child Drouet was regarded as a flute-playing prodigy. He appears to have been self-taught. It is stated that his serious study of the flute began in 1807 after a great success at a concert of Rode’s in Amsterdam. As early as 1808, when only sixteen years of age, he received an appointment as solo flutist to the King of Holland; three years later he accepted an invitation from Napoleon I to become Imperial Court Flutist at Paris.

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