Am Grabe Richard Wagners, S. 135

Am Grabe Richard Wagners, (At the Grave of Richard Wagner), S. 135 (also LW. D20 and R. 474) is a single-movement composition for string quartet (and optional harp) by Franz Liszt. It was written in 1883 but first published in 1951. As the title suggests, it was composed in memory of Richard Wagner, who died in Venice on 13 February 1883. Liszt based his work on the theme of the Prelude to Die Glocken des Strassburger Münsters (S.6). The arrangement for solo piano (S. 202), created on the same year as ... more
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RecordingAm Grabe Richard Wagners, S. 135 (For solo Harmonium - Kleve: Michael Behrendt)


Am Grabe Richard Wagners, S. 135


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